Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Nicola potatoes planted in bright laundry tubs with holes drilled in the bottom...the ones you see Josh on Gardening Australia using all the time :o)  There's about 4 inches of soil in the bottom, and as they grow I'll build the soil up around the stems.  They are in a nice sunny spot next to back door.  I'm using this method as my potatoes in the past have never manged to survive dogs sitting on them and there isn't enough room for dedicated potato growing in the fenced patch.

When my digital printing for summer gleaning was produced, the sheer voile had to be backed...for the first round of printing they didn't have wide enough paper in stock, so it was backed with a cheap poly tricot.  The strike through is amazing and is almost a full strength print.  The second lot of printing was backed with paper, and by the time I realised and asked for the paper, retrieval from the bin was attempted at the printers, but when I unrolled it weeks later it was mostly blank - my paper obviously went to the tip! 

I've been working with the remnants anyhow, and the paper has some potential for construction...perhaps as a transient, impermanent material.

Seeds have been doing quite nicely...here's some lettuce and japanese cucumbers germinating in re purposed remnant toilet rolls
Enjoy the good gardening weather all!

Monday, October 24, 2011

head down, bottom up

Hiya...it's been a while!  I've had my head down busily working towards the GRC...the conference where all of us research candidates have to present our work twice a year.  Done and dusted for this semester - yay!  There's been lots of new bits n bobs I've been working on which I'll be sharing as I reflect back on my feverish doings.  This pic of gemma is a nice metaphor for how I've been...gnawing at a bone, oblivious to all else!