Monday, April 12, 2010

Confetti tessellations

As soon as I saw the tessellated Miyake bag, it reminded me straight away of a fantastic origami book I've had for ages called Home Decorating with origami (Fuse, T 2000, Home decorating with origami, Japan Publications Trading Co., Tokyo, Japan.)
Here's a piccy of the particular model that the bag reminded me of:

I decided to try making something based on this idea using the tiny triangles that are cut when making leather things.
I tried to line up the triangles in a pattern similar to the fold lines of the model.
 I layed the bits onto a scrap piece of lycra (left overs from making hoods).  It started getting very random though as I was using the pieces as they came, and the symmetical pattern went out the window!   They are taped down with double sided tape, and I tried stitching around some, but the edges of the leather pieces really need to be fixed right down otherwise they get "flappy"
I used the zig zag machine to stitch around each piece to fix the edges down well.  The effect is visually good, but the articulation doesn't really happen because the pieces are irregular and too small.  It is a nice use of these very small waste pieces though - it looks like a scattering of leaves or confetti.  The randomness can have a beauty akin to nature, but I think there needs to be some cleanness/control to be really sucessful.  A possible categoristion for this kind of waste is "confetti" or maybe "irregular confetti"

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