Friday, April 9, 2010

Early articulation and some control

This is an interpretation of an idea from a pattern making book called pattern magic - one of my favs.  I love how the fall of the fabric references the seam line and the simplicity of how the pattern is taken from the flat drawing - the relationship between the flat and the 3d is beautiful.

I made up a version of this using unaltered pieces that approximated the correct shapes in the first example.  I used scrap lycra fabric which I had from making lycra hoods to join the leather at the fold lines - my first try at articulation between the scrap.
It didn't quite sit correctly as the middle piece is too large.  It also really looks like a bunch of junk still because of all the raw edges.
I realised though, that the 1st and 3rd pieces can be random/any shape and the 2nd piece is the bridging piece that needs to be made to fit. This was interesting to me, as it means out of 3 pieces, 2 can be uncontrolled and only 1 has to be controlled, which makes some inroads into my lack of control over this stuff!
This is my second attempt where I controlled the middle piece - it still looks a bit messy, and hard to see what is happening in the picture, however this has potential for further exploration and has started me thinking about in between spaces.  It is the space that I can control and maybe the space is what is more important in allowing the waste to have some expression.

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