Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Northern plains shoe update

I've been wearing the northern plains shoes on and off for a couple of weeks now - pretty much around the house.
I have some before and after pics now...

Top, before
Top, after
Front, before
Front, after
Wearing, before
Wearing, after
Wearing and pointing, before
Wearing and pointing, after
Side, before
Side, after
Back, before
Back, after
You can see that the leather of the shoes has started to lose it's structure as it moulds to the shape of my feet.  The shape is starting to become informative of the experience of wearing through the marks and creasing and the breaking down of the material.  To really test the moudability of the leather and get a more intensive evidence of wear in the leather I will make another pair based on this pattern, but fitted more closely to my individual feet.  The imprint on the underside of the shoes will help to guide the fitting process as it shows the point of contact the foot has with the ground. The heel section definitely needs to by narrower so that the blocky shape of the heel will start to soften and mould - at the moment the corners are hanging away from my heels.  Take 2 coming soon!


  1. nice bit of thonging work there!
    must show you the 1830 handstitched shoes I scored last year at the Hobart Salvos.....

  2. That would be awesome! Lets make a date :o)