Friday, August 20, 2010

Wardrobe garden

Something I forgot in the previous post on the house and garden map which you might have noticed - the wardrobe garden.

This was an old wardrobe in very bad condition which was in the garage before we converted it to The Workroom.  It was over sized to be collected by the council in rubbish collection, so I decided to put it on it's back and fill with soil to make into a raised garden bed.  I put holes in the back (which is now on the ground) for drainage.  It has been ok, but the soil I got to fill it was pretty bad quaility, so it needs lots of building up with organic matter.  I'll give it a red hot go this season and try growing some summer veg that needs some shelter - it gets a bit of shade.  As you can see at the moment it has major weed probs - it's a job that is in the cue.  Oh, and there's a bag of pea straw in there too!

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