Friday, February 18, 2011!

I ate the first apple from the garden last week.  It is from the "summer strawberry" tree.  It's a variety from Adelaide that is so called because it is supposed to be red with flecks looking a bit like the seeds on the outside of a strawberry, and it is an early-ish apple ready in the summer.  After one of the baby apples dropped off, there was one lone apple on the tree, and I was a bit worried as I saw Gemma eyeing it off a couple of times!  On the 7th of feb I went out and it had fallen off, and was a bit pecked on the top - I guess by a bird.  I put it on the kitchen sill and waited 5 days for it to ripen - the red colour did develop a bit.  The taste was not bad but it was a bit soft - I think it would have been better if I ate it straight away, but I wasn't sure that it was ripe then.  Still nice though and lovely to have some home grown :o)

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