Thursday, June 9, 2011

surprise pumpkin

Back at the start of February a pumpkin sprouted beneath my poor struggling lime tree from some compost which I put there to try to help the tree.  In time the pumpkin went quite crazy, growing in all directions, covering over our patio, and threatening to block our back door.  The wet, coolish summer wasn't conducive to pumpkin set, but by the end of the season, some fruit was appearing underneath the leaves here and there.  It was strange as I didn't notice a couple of them till they were quite big, and I would look one day and there they were.  This is an example of something I speak about in my seed theory for design, that you have to notice the unexpected things that happen and nurture them to allow them to grow into something of value.  I used the first pumpkin this week and made some soup :o)

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