Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Helsinki food part 1

Some pics of food in Helsinki - when I remembered to take them!

After checking into the hotel, I went to Cafe Aalto at the academic bookshop...I had lunch and remembered to take a pic when I had nearly finished my vanilla slice!  The bookshop and cafe is housed in an Alvar Aalto building...

I bought some moomin cookies at the Alepa supermarket at the bottom of the Forum mall in the city centre.  From left to right is moomintroll, snork maiden, moomin mamma, moomin pappa, and little my and snufkin on the bottom :o)

This is a meat doughnut thing at the market by the sea port, cheap and not bad...

From the same market, here are some reindeer sausages and barbecued potatoes with gherkins and a sauce that's a bit like the IKEA lingonberry stuff on the side.

This was the lady cooking viewed from where I was sitting...

and the market tents with pictures of their offerings.  There was a whole string of these with different types of foods - mostly sausages and some fishy things that didn't smell appetising to me!  Other tents were selling souveneirs and also fresh fruit and veg and fish.  This is the main touristy area of Helsinki...the ferries that go to islands leave from here and Uspenski Cathedral is just up the hill.

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