Tuesday, November 22, 2011

apple tiser

My six apple trees have been developing nicely in the garden...all of them are getting fruit except for the snow apple which insists on only growing bushy foliage at the moment.  This is their 3rd year and I've only had fruit off my summer strawberry and sturmer before, so this is exciting!
What I'm enjoying is seeing how the fruit all looks the same then as they grow their individual characteristics start to show...a celebration of difference!

Sugarloaf pippin is an early apple with a long shape...starting to become just a bit more bulbous at the top...

Esopus spitzenburg is an old variety of a classic round shape...is said to be brilliant red and is looking that way!

Caville blanc d'hiver is an old french apple, particularly good for cider.  It has a knobbly shape which is quickly becoming evident here!

And just for fun...a flash back to last years summer strawberry apple as featured on a gleaning apron :o)

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