Tuesday, November 29, 2011

blue n white n quilty delights

On the weekend I visited an old friend of my mum in laws...Donna, an avid quilter who has been promising for ages that we would have a quilt viewing and afternoon tea at her place.

This is a special one called "wedding rings" that I want to make a version of...it was Donna's first quilt and I borrowed it to put on my bed when I was married 5ish years ago...more lovely quilts below...what a talented lady! 

She is big on blue and white as a decor theme and it looks wonderful, especially on her decking...

This last quilt was extra special...made using an unusual technique (I don't know enough about quilting to understand what it is!) and traditional Japanese fabrics...

It was such a beautiful inspirational afternoon...thanks Donna....mmmwhaaa!

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