Thursday, February 23, 2012

belated birthday

I've been super busy getting sorted out for the start of teaching at uni which begins next's always a jolt to the system at this time of year and it forces a massive re juggle of priorities...and it's been a slow week anyhow as it was my birthday on Monday which has started my week off in a lacksidaisical kind of way!

I was lucky enough on Monday morning to find that my teasing georgia and graham thomas roses were kind enough to give me some blooms for my birthday...ta t george and gra gra!

...and my mum in law came and gave me some beautiful sculptural flowers...

I had to work...*blah*...but I did manage to pop out to the posh op shop where I bought some pieces of retro poly knitwear (I can't resist!) and also this lovely deco vase which will be fantastic for my lax stemmed david austins when the next abundant flush comes...

My favourite pressie was from hubby P who after some serious hinting got me bananagrams (oh it's an anagram!)...I saw it at third drawer down ages ago and have hankered after it ever since...

This was the message I found the next day when I got home...which was particularly sweet since my message that morning had been "please unpack the dishwasher today" :o)

p.s. this is not the intended use of bananagrams, it's a fast paced word game that is side "splitting" and very a "peeling"

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