Friday, April 2, 2010

Catching up on some findings

This was an exercise where I took the jigsawing idea from cutting the jockstraps and jigsawed the pieces back together - when I'm cutting pieces out I try to reduce the amount of space between, and here I'm trying to reduce the space between the scrap pieces.  It was hard, and I have new appreciation for all those patchworked examples I found earlier.  Also, I was trying to do this without altering the pieces - using them as I found them and trying to find a place they would fit.
To join the pieces together I fused them onto a fabric using vliesofix - a double sided fusing.
Just as an experiment I cut into the created textile and made part of a jockstrap.  It wasn't sucessful - it looked naff, and the leather started peeling off, and was not a use of the leather that had any point (I don't think!).  The jigsawing is an interesting idea, and I think, as Denise pointed out, the interesting thing about this is the spaces in between the scrap and perhaps what they can do. I'm having an issue with the scrappy appearance, and this is a problem with trying to use the pieces unaltered.  The examples of patchwork leather that are most sucessful, work because of the uniformity of pieces, and the crispness, and beautiful finish - something that is difficult to achieve with this kind of leather...this is starting to make me wonder what this leather would be good for...????

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