Saturday, August 6, 2011

knit witted

I'm settling down post state of design.  I've kept my self busy with other things, but I'm not sure if it would have been better to stop altogether and give myself a needed rest, but that just seems too unnatural to cope with!
I did take some time out before taking down the exhibition last sunday to go to Nikki Gabriel's workshop at the cottage.  I grabbed the last chocolate in the box :o)

I've admired Nikki's work for a long time and it was a nice spur on to knit something for myself, other than the countless sock wool baby jackets I make for all my procreating pals.
Nikki is really more of a gleaner than myself, using production left overs from all sorts of exotic fibers for the creation of her lovely bespoke wooli yarn.  It is a pleasure to knit with, and I'm enjoying her construction method patterns.  I also met Juliette who is mapping urban food networks and is now a fellow PhD candidate at RMIT - some interesting food for thought!

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