Wednesday, August 10, 2011

mulch ado

I've been doing lots of thinking about gleaning with the aim to tighten up how I am using gleaning actions in the research.  More to come on that...aside, on the weekend my reward to myself post exhibition, after not having a free weekend for a couple of months, was to order a big pile of mulch!  This could be seen as gleaning, but since our council discontinued our free mulch service I had to buy it - if it you pay for it, it aint gleaning!

That's the view down our street, our faithful 10 yr old hyundai, and our lovely deco front gate on the left which I will get around to renovating one of these days.
P and I replenished the rotted and depleted mulch layer in the back yard, around all of the fruit trees.  It has been maddening over the winter as the dampness had reduced it to mostly mud and the dogs trail it in after their nightly trysts with the possums.  I'm looking forward to maintaining a clean floor, once I get to cleaning it!

You might be able to spy the last washington navel orange on the tree in the background too, I might eat it today!

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