Wednesday, January 18, 2012

gold elbow patches are all the rage in downtown carnegie

I've been meaning to get back to the ol' bloggin' the last couple of days...I'll do a proper catch up post tomorrow, but at the mo I'm bursting after stumbling on something quite amazing while walking the doggles at the park this evening...

Downtown Carnegie we're talkin' bout here...there was what seemed to be a usual posse of ol' guys at the local park, but as I walked past I caught a flash of a full set of gold teeth from one of them...flavor flav yeah!  Then as two of them walked down the path in front of me I saw this...fantastic!

I couldn't resist stopping this gentleman and asking him if I could take a pic....

It's an old skool double knit cardi which he told me that he likes so much that his wife put the patches on when the elbows wore through (I did ask him if he put the patches on himself!)  He looked very suprised when I said I liked them very I so do!  I didn't realise at the time either how striking the rest of his clothing was until looking at the pics...I was so absorbed by the elbow patches!

Can u believe it, gold leather, bling-ca-ching...and so effortless!  I've been thinking a lot about visible mending and alterations along the lines of Kevin McCloud endorsed readable history...what a beautiful example this is!...I actually have a project in the pipeline along these lines already so what an incredible thing to stumble upon ♥♥♥

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